Pears, Apples, Plums…

Here is our story.

Bela krajina House of Local Delights exists to support local producers and growers. If you ever wondered what its hallmark featuring pear, apple, and plum means, we can give you a hint – traditional folklore heritage. You may have noticed, or you may still notice, that the entire concept of the Bela Krajina House of Local Delights is interwoven with folk tradition - a rich tradition of folklore, folk costumes, white birch trees, and other distinguishing features of this green land.

Belokranjska pogača

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Advantages of shopping

at our house


of shopping

at our house

You are part of the story

Our story is now also your story. You are helping us realize the vision we set for the Bela krajina House of Local Delights at the Institute of Metlika. The House is not just a shop but a community that strives towards authenticity, quality and sustainable development.

You support the locals

Your purchase directly supports our local providers. All profits go back to the community and are intended to support providers through promotion, education, and events.

Feel the heart

We prefer to meet you in person, greet you with a smile and offer help. But with our online store, we can reach out to you when you want the delights of Bela krajina, but Bela krajina seems a little too far for you to drop by. We carefully prepare every order for you and enclose a smile in every package.

Fulfill your wishes

Enter our virtual larder and select the homemade delights that will arrive at your home in the shortest possible time. Write to us or give us a call and together we will put together a package of your choice, as a gift for a special occasion or just because you want to brighten someone’s day.

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